Finally a fully functional website for Fameless Monsters.   Come in look around, shop for a knob or two and learn how a regular guy stumbled into the world of monsters and shifter knobs.

The First 4 monsters

Welcome to Fameless Monsters

The Scarecrows

For starters, I avoid using the term "artist".  That word just brings to mind people who take themselves way too seriously.  That ain't me.  I do not have a formal art education, in fact I took the bare minimum of art classes in school (art teachers and I generally don't get along).  I have always enjoyed drawing and at one point intended to go into special effects work making monsters,  but life had other plans and I spent most of my career as an EMT and Firefighter.  Before all of this started I was the winner of Scarecrows in the Park contest for the first 4 years of the contest.

This whole project started by accident.  On 02/10/2014, after a lay off,  I bought a box of polymer clay from the local Walmart to help pass the time and I sculpted my first monster. It turned out far better than I expected. A few more tries and with the encouragement of friends I decided that it was time to try and sell them.  After working out a process to afordably reproduce them I set up shop on facebook and started taking orders.   My ultimate goal with this was to fund my sculpting to learn new techniques and to eventually turn art into a career.  Things have grown and I am doing just that.   I even had the amazing honor of being the featured New Prouct in the April May Issue of Rat Rod Magazine.